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16' Floor Mount Boxing Ring

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Gear Specs

Product Weight 600.00 lb
Product Details
  Why a Floor Boxing Ring?

A Floor Boxing Ring can be the perfect addition to your gym, especially if you have limited space or a limited budget. This Floor Boxing Ring is very easy to install and is a great tool for fitness boxing as well as sparring and serious boxing training. Our unique design does away with the cumbersome outside frame that requires so many nuts and bolts and endless drilling into your floor. Our Monster Floor Boxing Ring uses a cable system to hold the padding and mat cover in place, giving you a much neater and easier assembly. Over 1000 gyms have this style of floor ring and they love it.

  Every Monster Floor Ring Package comes complete with the following items.
  • 4 strong steel corner posts
  • 8 supporting braces
  • 3 regulation ring ropes - complete
  • 12 professional turnbuckles
  • Competition approved ring padding
  • Top quality canvas mat cover
  • cable with turnbuckle
  • 1 set of corner pads
  • 1 set of ring rope spacers
  • All installation hardware including concrete anchors and concrete drill bit easy to follow instruction manual
  • Floor rings install into your concrete floor
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Concept & Design

Ready to get started? Great gym design starts with candid discussions. We want to get to know you, what your dreams are for your facility, your home, or whatever the project may be

We have a thorough knowledge of the fitness business, so we know what works and what’s practical.

We will custom design a solution to perfectly fit your space and your budget. Be it a home gym or a professional fitness or recreation provider.

Our connections and suppliers allow us to choose from a broad array of exercise equipment, flooring options, safety mats, and all the other things that go into making your new gym or studio.

Our teams of professionals have the expertise to make sure the installation of all flooring, safety mats, and placement of equipment is done properly and securely

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