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Zebra 2" PRO Series Mats
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Gear Specs

Product Weight 50.00 lb
Length & Width 78.80 in X 39.40 in
SKU Z850-Series
Material Vinyl
Odour Low Odour
Thickness 2"
Brand Zebra
Product Details

Meets IJF standards. 12-15lb/ sq inch of compressed, multi-density PU Foam allows for the most shock absorption on the market.


Made with multi density, open cell technology, not affected by temperature change. The open cell technology traps the air inside the foam upon impact and dissipates the G-shock by holding on to the impact within the foam core. Other mats such as roll out mats use closed cell technology which flush the air out of the foam upon impact and repel the G-shock back to the impact point.


Our factory has been producing sport matting and foam products for over 40 years. In such time they have proven their average life expectancy to exceed 15+ years. Saving the money on long term costs on not having to replace their mats every few years


Specially treated, pleasant-touch, non slip PVC vinyl surface allows for NO MAT BURN while grappling, and sure-footedness when planting your feet when doing stand up training.


The smooth, non-slip surface allows for very easy cleaning using a micro fibre mop.

  • Product life expectancy:
  • 15+ years
  • Size:
  • 2" x 39.4" x 78.8" [40mm x 1 meter x 2 meter]
  • Surface Texture:
  • Smooth surface = No mat burn! Avoid unsightful discouragement from your beginner members by providing them with a mat that eliminates the chances of mat burn. Patented 19 oz. Bullet-proof vinyl, friction studies show that our smooth vinyl surfaced mats provide more traction when wet than tatami surfaced grappling mats
  • Colour:
  • Black , Grey, Blue, Red
  • Sits on floor:
  • Anti-skid rubber latex bottom, allows the mat to hold its place on the floor without movement
  • Construction:
  • Heat sealed edges, no exposed foam, allows for the foam to stay in tact longer without bacteria or enzymes getting inside the foam and breaking it down. Proudly Made in Germany
  • Impact & Cushioning:
  • Softer than tatami surfaced grappling mats, allowing less fatigue on the athletes body, making it easier to engage in longer grappling sessions
  • Bonding process of Vinyl to Foam:
  • Powder epoxy bonds vinyl layer directly to the foam, becoming inseperable. Increasing the lifespan to more than double of that of the competitor's comparable Chinese made mat
  • Maintenance & Cleaning:
  • The smooth surface also allows for easier cleaning and maintenance, resulting in a more sanitary training surface
  • Free of CFC and solvents:
  • Made of primarily post consumer materials
  • Industry Leading 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Weight - 50lbs 
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