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Indoor Turf - Grid Iron Series
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Gear Specs

Product Weight 0.47 lb
Material Turf
Odour Odour Free
Product Details

Padded, athletic indoor turf is the perfect multi-use flooring for dynamic indoor strength & conditioning training.

 The Grid Iron turf is the closest to Grass in our arsenal. The triple base yarn creates a much softer feel which is more pleasant on the skin, meaning, if an athlete drops to his knees, it is much less abrasive.

 Not just great for sleds and strength & conditioning, but also great for indoor soccer fields and other sports. This yarn is also much better for an appropriate soccer ball roll than other Turf options on the market. It reacts more similar to outdoor grass.  

  • Cushioned foam underlay pad, bonded to the turf. Allows for more cushioning and softer landings when performing jumping or plyometric exercises
  • Creates an outdoor training type of feel with it's grass-like texture
  • Able to pull heavy weights and push/pull sleds across without damaging the floor
  • Cushioning absorbs impact from athletes landing, decreasing injuries and noise
  • Gives your facility a nice 'edgey' look that is more unique than most training facilities
  • Grid iron turf comes in 12'W rolls 


  • Size: 12'W or 15'W x (you choose the length) - Maximum length recommended is 50'L 
  • Colour: Green (Additional cost for custom colours)
  • Height: 3/4" 
  • Superior Impact Protection
  • Padded: 8MM foam
  • Yarn: Polyethylene & Nylon
  • 8 Year warranty against manufacturer's defects

Grid Iron Specs


Please call to obtain an installation quote.

Our installers will book a date and time to deliver and install the order. Unfortunately, due to the vast amount or rural cities within Canada, we can not provide this service everywhere so please call us at 416-840-3365 to get a Delivery & Installation quote before ordering if this is the option you prefer.



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