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LDS Utility Tile [20MM]





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Gear Specs

Product Weight 10.00 lb
Length & Width 19.75 in X 19.75 in
Material Recycled Rubber
Odour Low Odour
Brand LDS
Product Details

The 20mm Utility Tile is perfect for general gym areas and functional training areas where weights may be dropped. It offers ample shock and noise reduction. Can easily be laid in a wall to wall installation, or purchased in smaller volumes to cover these sizes:

Low Odour

The uniqueness of the Utility Tile is that even though the tile is made of 20mm thick rubber compressed granules, it carries with it very minimal obtrusive odour.


Due to the unique polymer compounds used to create the Utility Tile, and proprietary 3 stage compression manufacturing, it is temperature resistant from -40℃ to 100℃ with +/- 2mm thermal expansion, making this the perfect flooring to use in an uninsulated Garage Gym.


Loose laid rubber interlocking tiles provide an anti-slip surface that can be installed over most subfloors.


Easy to install; these tiles lock together with hidden plastic connectors which go into the bottom of each tile to prevent any movement. No floor adhesive is required and can lay over top of any existing subfloor. The Utility Tile is incredibly durable and highly resistant to wear and tear in heavy free weight zones in health clubs.


Vacuuming any loose crumbs, dust, or debris from the gym floor covering surface when necessary. Occasional damp mopping of the sports flooring with a mild soap and water solution. We recommend either of our easy to use mat cleaners


‣ Tile Size – 50cm x 50cm x 20mm (Nominal 20″x20″x 7/8″)

‣ Tile Weight – 11lbs / 5kg  (20kg per m2 / 4.09lbs /sf)

‣ Tile Colour – Black with a 15% EPDM Grey Fleck

‣ Tile Material – 100% Recycled Rubber, NR SBR – Natural Rubber / Styrene-butadiene

‣ Rubber Base layer – 2-3mm granules

‣ Surface Layer – Surface layer fine granules with 15% EPDM Grey fleck.

‣ Floor Hardness – is 55+/-5 ShA

‣ Simple Installation – Loose lay with the plastic block connector provided.

‣ Resistance to chemicals – good resistance to acids, alkalis and salts. Contact with oils and hydrocarbons is not advisable and will damage the floor tiles.

‣ Tools Required for Fitting – Utility knife, tape measure, straight edge and Rubber hammer

‣ Cleaning – Vacuum on general setting, then lightly mop with a micro fibre mop and water mixed with a ph neutral cleaner. Do not flood the floor with water

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Concept & Design

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Our connections and suppliers allow us to choose from a broad array of exercise equipment, flooring options, safety mats, and all the other things that go into making your new gym or studio.

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