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Boot Camp Roll Out Mats




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Gear Specs

Product Weight 135.00 lb
Length & Width 42.00 ft X 6.00 ft
Material Foam
Odour Low Odour
Product Details

BootCamp Rolls is your source for great cheer-leading mats at the best price around!

 We use only quality materials like our 26 oz. needle punch carpet and 2.2-pound density sports foam for an incredible value that's unmatched in the industry today.


 BootCamp rolls are built to last, using only quality materials and


 Super-easy and safe for even a single person to set up or take down an entire cheer floor in minutes!


 We stand behind the quality of our mats with one of the best warranties in the industry.


 EZ Flex delivers quality mats at prices that can't be beat. That's Quality and Value, rolled into one!


  BootCamp Rolls are built using high-quality 26 oz carpet for enhanced durability and comfort, flame-laminated to our high-performance sports foam for high-performance—and a bond that won't fail.Our needle-punch carpet combines softness for comfort with enhanced durability and traction, and our 2.2-pound density polyethylene foam provides long-lasting performance.


Every BootCamp Roll includes our flexible rolling system (non-Flex rolls available on request), which makes it incredibly fast and easy to set up and break down a full cheer mat system.

Our Flex cuts are made using an advanced computerized system that produces more consistent, deeper cuts than other common saw or blade-based methods, for greater reliability.

Custom Made to Order product 4-6 weeks. Due to the item size and manufacturing location, shipping applies to all sales. Minimum Roll size that can be ordered is 6'x42'L Call for shipping quote 1-866-896-8565

  • Standard Section Size
  • 6' (width) x 42' (length)
  • Custom sizes available
  • 1-3/8" Stored (Rolled) Size
  • 32" (diameter) x 72" (height)
  • Max Custom Size
  • 6 feet x 130 feet
  • 42' x 42' Floors
  • 7 mat sections @ 6' x 42'
  • 54' x 42' Floors
  • 9 mat sections @ 6' x 42'
  • 1-3/8" Section Weight
  • 110 lbs
  • Standard Foam Thickness
  • 1-3/8" 
  • Foam Specs
  • Closed-cell Cross-linked Polyethylene foam
  • Carpet Specs
  • 26 oz. carpet
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We have a thorough knowledge of the fitness business, so we know what works and what’s practical.

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Our connections and suppliers allow us to choose from a broad array of exercise equipment, flooring options, safety mats, and all the other things that go into making your new gym or studio.

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