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Zebra Grappling Puzzle Mats 1-5/8 (40mm) - 10 x 10 Area
Price $699.00 /Set


BLACK / GREY (Reversible)

9 Mats = 10'x10' Floor Area

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Gear Specs

Product Weight 108.00 lb
Length & Width 39.36 in X 39.36 in
SKU ZP702T-C-V2(x9)
Material Foam
Odour Low Odour
Brand Zebra
Product Details

The smooth, non-slip surface allows for very easy cleaning using a micro fibre mop. The mats’ waterproof outer surface is firm enough for the sure footing needed in striking arts, while the softer inner core provides enough cushioning for safe movements across the mats.


This floor requires zero prep work, and is very easy to install. It simply is laid over top of any subfloor, and interlock together. Zebra's interlocking 10x10 mat system, is a quick, easy, and affordable way to continue your training outside of your gym or dojo. The interlocking puzzle pieces make for easy installation and come with border strips to create a nice, clean edge. Several different color combinations allow you to customize your mats to fit your space and design.


Our factory has been producing sport matting and foam products for over 40 years. In such time they have proven their average life expectancy to exceed 5+ years. Saving the money on long term costs on not having to replace their mats every few years.


High Density 1" thick EVA foam, 60 Degree Hardness. The mat also features a vein-textured top surface to add a little more traction under your feet. The interlocking seams are very tight and hold the set together flawlessly. These mats are easy to install, simply lay them on the ground, interlock them, and add the border pieces on the edges if you wish.


Mats are fully reversible to create a two-tone training surface. The border strips only add about 1" to the edge of the mat. When interlocking the mats together. All mats must be facing the same direction. One corner of the mat has a tab which can be used as a guide. Prior to installing, turn all the mats so that the tab is in the upper left corner.



Concept & Design

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