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Gear Specs

Product Weight 350.00 lb
Length & Width 48.00 in X 63.00 in
Height 80.00 in
Max user weight 1000
Training Camp
Product Details
Highly Customizable

The iXPR Power Rack PR1 is built with 3x3" 11-gauge steel making it the strongest and sturdiest power racks in the industry. This rack is highly customizable with an arsenal of iXPR attachments making it ideal to serve professional strength training facilities, collegiate weight rooms, police/army training bases, and small garage gyms alike.

Extras are standard

iXPR PR1 is fully compatible with any 5/8” hardware, and a set each of iXPR J-Hooks, spotter arms, and a pull up bar come standard. This PR1 Power Rack also comes with iXPR Plate Storage Add-on, a great solution to keep your bumper plates properly stored and organized.

Pull Up Bar Options

Choose from a single bar or a beam4 with multi-grip options, giving you a range of workouts. The beam4 multi-grip gives all kinds of versatility options for grip positions. This can help develop strength in weak areas and give you workarounds for areas with potential for pain.

Plate Storage

Easily store your plates, keeping your workout space looking clean and beautiful. Plates easily slide on and off, for changes on the fly, and the single bolt can hold up to three 45lb plates.

Battle Rope Training!

The XP Battle Rope Anchor adds a dynamic workout option, that is usable even with minimal space. Work together both cardio and the weighted rope to bring CrossFit training into your regime - you'll be happy you did!

A Dip You Want

The Training Camp Fitness iXPR Dip Attachment is a solid and reliable option for anyone who's looking for a dip add-on that can be easily attached and removed for a quick workout. Fits all iXPR products and the unique design makes it compatible with every Rig/ Power Rack that has 5/8" holes, regardless of the spacing between the holes or the tubing size.

installation guide
Files to download:
PR1-S Install Manual

Concept & Design

Ready to get started? Great gym design starts with candid discussions. We want to get to know you, what your dreams are for your facility, your home, or whatever the project may be

We have a thorough knowledge of the fitness business, so we know what works and what’s practical.

We will custom design a solution to perfectly fit your space and your budget. Be it a home gym or a professional fitness or recreation provider.

Our connections and suppliers allow us to choose from a broad array of exercise equipment, flooring options, safety mats, and all the other things that go into making your new gym or studio.

Our teams of professionals have the expertise to make sure the installation of all flooring, safety mats, and placement of equipment is done properly and securely

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